Prayer Guide Basics


There are a few things to consider when you want anything from God. First, we must consider that God wants us happy with all our dreams fulfilled. Any good father would feel the same way. There is however an issue at hand. God must be fair in the way he provides anything for us. He must be fair to the end he shows no favoritism.


There is an age old question: How does one ask of God in such a way that shouldn't take long to get results?


In other words; Is it possible to do a labor of love in a spiritual way? One in which God will honor immediately?

The answere is yes! The "how" is to pray efficiently using your Godly powers.

By doing anything more efficiently, with greater efficiency there comes a greater reward. What I am saying is that this new way to pray is like providing 20 years of the old way with every 20 seconds of the new. It efficientizes it, which also makes the rewards more swiftly available.

From this point we must understand that prayer is the most important thing anyone can do. Prayer is something which should be done for others. That is, for the benefit of others and it is best without their knowledge. The most efficient of prayers are those which are confident. And, a confident prayer is indeed a simple one. In other words, don't linger on. Get the job done and get on with life.

These types of prayers need never be redundant, nor repeated over and over again, as if God needs to hear it enough times before he will make it so.


When your prayers are activated by the power which inspires love, those prayers are the kind to live by. They get the job done. They don't drag on and waste time. AND THEY WORK. The simple fact is, they get answered immediately.

It is important to note that the rewads do not come immediately. The prayer activity is not for your own good but is directed to help others. With that in mind, note the result of the prayer is to benefit others, as well. They must recieve the blessings which your prayers have provided. It is only after that time that there will be praise to God from those recipients, and that praise will be to your benefit, as well. For your reward only comes after God is thereafter glorified, your having first prayed for such a result.

These new ways to pray are not actually new but are new to most people because they have been hidden for some 2000 years. There are things to consider that you may have never heard before. The first of which is the fact that PRAYER is not something one does for one's own benefit. It is not "prayer" when one asks God to provide for one's own needs.

I believe that should be called "pleading".

To get anything in any abundance from any worthy source one must first help others get what they want. It's only a basic concept of life.

You must give in order to recieve. AND, the more you give, the more you are likely to recieve.


This new way of praying embraces an aplication of applying spiritual activities with physical ones, which correlate God's own system of confirmng your every breath of prayer with his own promices.

This new way to pray provides a system so profound that within minutes you begin experiencing the powers of God working to make things go right.


If there should be any questions, the first ones should be: What IS this new technique or method of prayer? How can I start? AND/or, What is so different about it?


Well, I'm glad you asked. ( as if you were not coached )

The first difference is in the quantity we aim for when we apply prayer, at all. You don't usually pray for one person at a time. In fact, you must aim to pray for thousands and even milloins, at a time. That way we do the most good, and at least much more good than if we only prayed for the few people we know and know about.


Have you ever been amazed or humbled when God gave you a sign at one time or another in your life? I'm NOT talking about when you asked for a sign, then got it. I'm talking about the ones that seem to come out of the blue to make a little difference in your life. You may have found those wonderful little surprises few and far inbettween, in the past.

But now, when you pray for millions at a time, in short instances linked with a spiritual activity you will find those wonderfull little surprises coming much more often.

In fact, it becomes like clock-work. Everyday you pray this new way, you will experience more miracles, signs and wonders. More importantly, the more you do it in the day, the more often your following days will be filled with such signs, miracles and wonders.


It can happen many, many times in a day, and when you learn to practice this new way to pray, miracles will happen for you, everyday, and very often, in your life. There is a reason for this.


Since God rewards us for our believing, when surprise blessing arives, they usually are a reward to exhort us for believing correctly. Not for fear, anger or anguish, but for doing something which was directly related to doing what God wants us to do when you were believing correctly.

As such, this will always be believing in a way that is trusting and faithful.

This would never give any one place to boast about what he did, what he believed or what he has given of himself. None the less, "Surprise Blessings" come as "Unrequested Signs" to exhort "Correct Believing".


All that aside, it is what you can give to God that will make all the difference. WHAT to give falls within your efforts to believe that your position in God's purpose is one of authority to use his power the same way Christ did. Christ's job was to do the work set before him, which he apparently did with the greatest efficiency due to the fact that since his day on earth, he has been the most sought after, and spoken of person in all history.

It is with great efficiency that we should be doing our spiritual jobs, too.


The job that God has set before us is the same job that Christ tried to teach us to perform here on earth.

Now he's gone away, for awhile.


His example while he was here was simply to help others use the power that he had at his disposal. The power of the Eternal. Over and over he told the people that it was not his power, but was his father's, and it was at OUR disposal as well, when ever we simply believed in him.


He did however, do something that we have not been taught. He built "Foundations of Prayer," and that is what these teachings are all about.


We all have a lot to give, and I'm not talking about the money factor. The best anyone can give is what God wants most from us. This just happens to be very easy, restful, and exciting. It is also work, though I believe it is the greatest work in the universe.


WHAT WORK IS THAT? "The all important question."

The answer is: "Your inspired manifestation of prayer for others."

In this case, you have the power to pray for millions of souls, a few million at a time, every few seconds, and to do it in a way that provides it for others with God confirming every word that pours from your mouth.

The people you pray for don't have to know it, and in fact would never be able to, which makes it a perfect practice of your love for God.


Now listen, it takes a bit of time, every time you do it. How much time? ONLY A FEW SECONDS! (when two or more come together, it shall be done......You know the scripture.. ) It is easy, though it DOES take a few seconds out of your busy schedule.

And, if you think you may have more time, you may even do this:

Get on a hill, or your roof top, or just look out toward a place where you can see a big chunk of land, where there are a lot of people. Notice all the lights at night or houses in the day, and realize there are groups of people in lots of places. Imagine for just a minute that God is telling you that some of those people need someone to ask him to pull off some miracles for them. That is you.

There are many different kinds of healings. There are many different kinds of blessings, signs, and wonders. The power that you have is the same power that Christ Jesus has. It is yours, and it gives you the HOPE, and CONFIDENCE of the glory which is yours due to what Christ accomplished for you.


God wants you to work for him and he will reward your every effort. He rewards your believing capacities in the exact proportions to your activities of believing correctly. He rewards you more for your directing Him to produce miracles, signs, and wonders for people without their knowing it. These signs, miracles and wonders are created through your inspired directive of God's power. The greatest rewards are granted as compensation for the work you do when your prayer is provided for many thousands or millions of people.


Let's say that you only pray for one person, and that person gets that sign, miracle or wonder that you never find out about. It may be a strange concept, none-the-less, God will reward you for that activity, (for your having directed God to deliver that person) rewarding you as compensation for that activity. If the compensation standard is one-ten thousandths of a percent, then you would get a rather trivial, sign in return.

That's not to belittle ANY of Gods blessings, but right now, YOU can use some major deliverance and you can bring like minded believers with you to have them help you confirm what ever you ask of God. (That is if they will not think you are nuts, in the process.)


Would you like some big miracles to happen for YOUR behalf? Then you must direct some big blessings out for millions of people without their knowing it. You have the authority of miracle command status when you direct God to grant signs, miracles and wonders to any area or group of people you designate. Do it from the hill tops, or from the mountains, or just from inside your car to every passing motorist and every house, and business you pass by.

============= THE KEY TO SPIRITUAL ACTIVATION ==============

To have somebody standing there confirming your every word is not the only way to get this done. (Even if you could find anyone to help you.) The first of the best ways is to speak a few inspired words of your own design, (must be words that don't make any sense to you, but don't worry, they make perfect sense to God, because HE is the one that is helping you design those funny words) AND PRESTO! You have inspired spiritual manifestation which confirms your every word BY GOD HIMSELF! And what more can you ask for?


There are some guidelines, though. The main one is to NOT do it in a way that makes a fool of yourself to anyone around you. In other words, keep it silent unless you are by yourself. The second guideline is to not get all flaming in tears or emotional when you do it, and keep it simple and to the point. HAVE FUN, and don't get so darn redundant. (ya don't have to repeat yourself to God.)


Again, try to keep the prayers short and sweet. With that in mind, your prayers will always be confident.

There is another thing. Try to remember to pray several times per day.

And remember that EACH DAY ALLOTS ITS OWN PRAYER CYCLE. Ya can't justify requests for a tomorrow's deliverance before today's delivery. You will get many deliverances in the days that follow your prayers today, but prayers for this day are not sufficient to cover a lack of prayers tommorrow.



If you go out and find yourself around a lot of people, or in a spot that allows you to see a big area where there are thousands of houses, lights , etc.. and you say to God.." Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, please provide blessings, signs and wonders to those over there, and healings for those people over there, (pointing to a different area) and comforts for those people way over there," and then say a few inspired, yet bazaar words that are truly unknown to you, (no one should hear you, of course. It is between you and God) you will get several signs as rewards THAT day. For the days thereafter, your benefits will increase in ways that you will, without question realize are from God, rewarding you for your efforts of the previous day(s).


The last thing is that true miracles happen in the heart. So when you find that people are especially kind to you and you are astonished how someone you would not expect has come to your rescue, or fixed something which you could not fix yourself, all through the goodness of that person's heart, you may draw the parallel that God has worked a miracle for you through that person's heart.


ALL great things will come to you through your working the most important work in the universe, FOR YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER, through Christ Jesus, within you, with that same power which is invested in you. The same power that Christ Himself used, the power of GOD, in LOVE.