"The Glory Power Process" is a term
for extending God's love, which
directs it to benefit a great many others.
It does however, require an activity to
be done in an unusual way.
This involves, spontaneity
inspiration, and a little creativity.

This kind of prayer provides creative, inspired directives.

These inspired directives are simple and take a little creative imagination.
They lead God to administer
the following conditions for people.

Signs with peace, Miracles of Love, Patience, Resolves,
Comforts, Rest, Health and Wellness, Prosperity, Joys,
New Beginnings, Hopes, Helps, Healings, Freedoms, Faiths,
New Understandings, and of Blessings which are unquestionably wonderful.

The inspired directives are
manifestations of
your spiritual power.

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