Hi, my name is Mike.

"May I share something unique with you?"

I would like to expound on a little thing I call PRAYER. Yes, it is something real and if you apply it correctly, it works to help others.

Secondly, it not only works miracles, it also brings reward efficiently back to those who pray as they "activate" such prayers.

You think you've heard this before?

You may not have heard there is a new way to pray, nor that any prayer should ever have to be "activated" in order to work. I call this new method of prayer The Glory Power Prayer Process. It is by and large the most rewarding and it is also the most efficient way to pray. It is effecient because you see the results of your prayer active everyday after you pray this way.

I feel it is important to note that events normally follow, days after you pray. This is significant to understanding what prayer actually is. One should not normally expect results to occur within the same day. It's all about the days that follow which are the most significant.

The main point here is that the Glory Power Process is a spiritual activity.

It is something you do for others.

Now, what is this beautifull planet over here, to the right?

It is the earth, of course. Now, I want you to consider how big this planet is, and I want you to consider how many people reside on it.

Yes, the earth is alive with billions of people.
Now please consider how many people need prayer. The truth is, everybody benefits from prayer, though very few people ever pray for others. The question is, WHY?
I think the earth is in a sad state of affiars because of this though it is understandable. Few people know how to pray effectively enough to see actual, efficient and timely results.

The fact is, most people only pray for themselves.
(And only in desperation, and usually when they are extremely unhappy with their lives.)

Now check out this next planet.
=== IT IS MARS ===
Mars is a dead planet.

When colonies finally rise on Mars you may pray for that whole planet and still you will only be praying for a very few people.

This is a great
view of Mars,
but there is nobody here
worth praying for. YET!

Just like most people do, now!

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